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Let me tell you more about the history and culture of coffee today.

When I was a little boy, the history teacher at school told us many stories about coffee. It was then that young German students began to pass on the habit of drinking coffee from their parents.

He told us that the world’s first coffee tree grew in the Ethiopian highlands of Africa. It is a wild-growing plant, not grown through agriculture.

Shepherd’s Tale

Legend has it that 300 years ago, a shepherd named Kalid was the first to discover the natural power of coffee. Sitting in the shade, Kalid played his flute, composing new melodies almost every day. He does this in order to have his goats come to him every day before the sun goes down. One day, however, the goats didn’t listen to his music, and no matter what he played, they didn’t come back to him. So he went out to see what had happened to his animals. When he finally found them, he was surprised to find that his goats weren’t tired. Instead, they’re still running around, having fun, and even more energy than ever. When he looked more closely at the goats, he saw that they were chewing and eating the fruit and leaves of a plant. Therefore, Kalid also decided to try the fruit of this plant, and then he too became very excited, and it is said that he began to dance with his goats.

Kalid took the fruits and plants to a nearby monastery, where they boiled them, finding that the drink kept them awake and energized for longer.

story of arab monks

The story goes on, and one day, some monks who were collecting beans encountered a heavy rain and the beans got wet. To keep the beans from going bad, they dry the beans near the stove. After a while, they returned to the kitchen to find the smell of roasted coffee beans all over the room. According to this story, we can say that the monks discovered the process of roasting coffee beans by accident.

Later, in the 15th century, coffee officially became a part of Arab culture, and European merchants also began to import coffee beans to European countries, which started the journey of coffee’s rapid fame; the main import port of coffee was “MOKA”, which was later mixed coffee The origin of the name “Mocha”. Many businessmen became very wealthy from the coffee business, as coffee has become an important part of wealthy families in many Arab countries.

Later, during the Turkish War, coffee came to European countries and cities. When the Turkish army was defeated on the walls of Vienna, Austria, coffee made its way into the European market inexorably.

To this day, Vienna is still known for its unique café culture, where people meet every day to discuss business and events, or just sit and chat.

But I’ll tell you more in the next coffee stories…

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